We have to be honest, this is one of our favorite events of the festival.
Tacos AND PIZZA are the best!  And we just added dessert contest as well....
With Celebrity Judges and your taste buds voting, lets see who wins this event and makes the tastiest pizza, tacos and plant-based desserts in Miami.
Held outdoors, at sunset, a perfect event to meet knew people and try exotic versions of your favorite comfort foods.
Different crust from gluten-free to raw, homemade plant based mozzerella, fresh basil, garlic and creativity come together in our pizza battle.
Mushrooms, blackbeans, nopales cactus, and other exotic ingredients featured inside, heat up a tortilla, get some tasty sauce and you have a tasty taco. 
You'll have the opportunity to sample plant based tacos from some of the best chef's in the world. All while washing it down with umlimited drinks and samples. You'll ask be asked to vote for the Tastiest Taco of the night.  
AND Dessert!  Sample a wide variety of plant-based desserts....  There might even be chocolate:)