How does a chocolate-infused dinner under the stars curated by the Celebrity Chef Allen Campbell sound to you? 
Aphrodisiac Chocolate dinner is an artisanal sense experience, with 6 courses of luxury plant-based super food dishes from savory to sweet.  Served with candlelight, orchids and featuring artwork.  This culinary event creates a heightening of the senses, while relaxing and enjoying the health effects of cacao and other superfoods.
This event is the creation of Celebrity Chef Allen Campbell, the personal chef of Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen.



Allen Campbell, creator of Aphrodisiac Chocolate Chef's dinner for Imagine Plant Food + Wine Festival, Friday, April 24th.  Each dish will be infused with chocolate, from savory to sweet, a sensual journey of taste that will leave you feeling playful, joyous .  


Allen was the personal chef for Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen.   Allen’s publications, menus and meal plans are unique to the culinary scene. His full spectrum of cooking styles focuses on nutrient-dense, raw foods in the warmer months, and heartier dishes that nourish the body in the colder months.   This “seasonal” eating mindset displays a wide range of foods that innately provide a variety of delicious options for all types of eating regimens. His new line of fully cooked meal plans, AC Kitchen , focuses on small batch, scratch cooking as well as tailored recipes to meet the needs of it’s members.

Allen Campbell